Welcome to Lavender Moon Reiki a mobile c
omplementary practice based in Guiseley,West Yorkshire. Offering Reiki healing, card reading , tea leaf reading and pendulum work.
Reiki is an exchange of positive energy that has an influence on all aspects of you life. It is know as an Ancient Japanese form of healing that re-balances the body's inner energy core. It maybe physical, emotional or spiritual problems that have caused an  imbalance in your everyday life and reiki is an aid to help you bring back balance to your body, mind and soul.This is a hands on therapy that takes place whilst you are fully clothed either on a therapy bed or whilst seated in a chair, whichever is most comfortable for you the client. 

I also do Oracle & Angel card readings, these are done with a set of cards that are used in a similar way as tarot cards. They are used to guide and advise you in your life/spiritual path. The card meanings or pictures are used to give you answers to questions that you have asked.

Tea leaf reading is the art of reading the tea leaves in a cup to gain insight into your life's questions or give guidance.

Pendulum are and crystal or object, hung on a string or chain that spins, swings or stays still to answer your questions. They can also guide you on maps and in places

Disclaimer: Complementary therapies are complementary to, not a replacement for, conventional medicine. No claims are made to diagnose or cure any illness or condition, and clients' health remains under the care of their GP at all times.

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